Who is Mary Lou?

Mary Lou Burke is a high-school Latin teacher who has lived in Chesapeake since 2011. She previously taught in Portsmouth, Virginia, and in Pasquotank County, North Carolina, as well as schools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

After earning a B.A. Summa Cum Laude in LatinĀ from the University of Vermont, she received fellowships towards an M.A. in Classics at Tufts University and an M.S.A. in Educational Leadership from East Carolina University. As a North Carolina Principal Fellow she served a full-time, ten-month educational internship in the Elizabeth City/Pasquotank County Public Schools. She has also received scholarships and grant funding for summer educational opportunities at Skidmore College, Harvard University, and two six-week summer-study tours of Italy, most recently in 2010. She is the mother of one son, Matthew, who lives in Pennsylvania. A nature-lover, her other interests include gardening, reading, travel, and dancing. Her husband and dance partner, Don Burke, is a retired Navy submariner who works as a locksmith and roadside service technician.

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